Tess is over being a sidekick.

After experiencing life as a dragon rider, doing inventory at the shop is a mundane nightmare. Unfortunately, Ash continues to insist she live a normal life, staying safe on their side of the interdimensional portal.

Of course, Flea could be a welcome distraction... if he would speak to her. They shared one truly amazing night and then dark-haired hottie popped through an inter-dimensional portal to save her, but now, he barely manages a hello when he comes into the shop.

As if responding to her unspoken need for a little action, dragon riders suddenly appear and demand her presence before their court. What she thought was going to equate to a traffic fine for having an unregistered dragon quickly morphs into a life-or-death journey.

Join Tess and the gang as they rampage through the land of Aravisia, on a quest to discover the truth behind Nan’s curse!

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