Pick your lifelong mates, work out what Jedi mind tricks the black wolf is using on your mind and save the town you’ve come to love: it’s all in a day’s work for Jules.

Jules has been living the good life. She went from penniless and uncertain about her future to being able to turn into an incredibly strong paranormal wolf creature, living in a cute little town. Oh and with an expectation that she should create a harem from the many, many hotties fighting to be by her side. So how did it all go wrong?

Firstly, the heat has died down and so has the non-stop sexcapades, but Jules is now left with a group of guys who are starting to want a whole lot more from her. Mating bonds are permanent, usually for life and she’s not sure who to make that commitment to. Then there’s the black wolf. Lurking in his prison, he shouldn’t be able to touch Jules, so why is he entering her dreams, then creating chaos in life, all in pursuit of some mysterious goal he refuses to share? And to cap it all off, Sanctuary is under threat from hostile forces from beyond the trans dimensional gate.

Join Jules for the continuation of her story and see her fight for love, freedom and the town she now calls her own.

Cry Wolf is not a stand-alone. You will need to read A Wolf At My Door for this book to make sense. It contains 18+ very steamy scenes that make it not suitable for kids.

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