Prince Draven of Nevermere needs to die.

My stepmother stripped me of my rightful inheritance.

Called me Pig and forced me to eke out a life as a swineherd.

But none of that was as hard to bear as his presence.

I never intended to be the one to bond with the new queen dragon, some accident of fate leading to me finding the other part of my soul, my dragon, Glimmer.

But that comes at a price.

I’m to be the Crown Prince’s wife, the queen-in-waiting, whether I want to be or not.

Draven feels just as trapped as I do, but the difference in is he turns on me in response.

And I?

I turn towards the four other dragon riders who’ve been helping me find my feet as a rider.

This is a dark epic fantasy romance where dragons bond with humans. There are no dragon shifters in this world.

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