I’m just a calm, sensible beta making her way through university. They’re my five alpha ‘step-brothers’ just returned from a deployment overseas and those big combat boots of theirs? They’re about to trample over everything I had planned.

So they’re big, strong, hotter than the sun. No big deal right? Except my body responds to them in ways no man has ever been able to replicate.
But there’s more.
One hot summer night we decide to explore the simmering heat between us.
And I get more than I bargained for.

They’ve triggered a side of me I didn’t even know existed and it tells me to run.
Trouble is, what’s a wolf’s first instinct when what he wants tries to get away? These trained warriors are on the hunt and they’re not going to stop until they get what they need.
Their mate.

Forbidden Fruit is another standalone in the Wolfverse universe. Each book deals with a new female lead and the wolf shifter men who are obsessed by her.

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