Never tell them what we are, Shannon’s grandmother had always said.

You wouldn’t think, in today’s day and age with its appetite for TV psychics and mediums that being able to psychically communicate with animals was much of a cause for paranoia, but it’s hard to throw off the wisdom of countless generations just like that.

Rather she works as a faux-Reiki healer in her local veterinary clinic, loving the impact she can have on sick or anxious animals, but increasingly worried that one day people were going to see past the New Age façade she’d constructed.

With good cause.

When men from the newly created Capricorn Institute bring in some of their guard dogs for ‘behavioural modification’, Shannon gets disturbing glimpses of what’s happening in the facility built in the newly renovated prison on the hill, something she’s about to get up close and personal with.

Inside she meets creatures she’d thought she’d only ever seen in a zoo, but they don’t respond to her psychic overtures like a normal animal would.

Because they aren’t.

Beautiful, wild, Shannon’s about to find out the truth about the Big Bad Wolf and all of his apex predator friends. These sexy shifters track her every movement, memorise her scent, because even from behind bars, they’re hunting her. Physically, psychically, these men will use whatever tactics they can to get what they want: her.

Join Shannon as she tries to find out the secrets of the Capricorn Institute and faces threats to her safety and her heart.

This is book one in a brand new super steamy reverse harem series from the author of the Pack Heat series. If you love hot, why choose romance with shifters, you’ll love Tail ‘Em.

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