They’ve loved me for an eternity, now they’re determined to take me back.

I’d been living a small little life, reading romance novels on my break and working for my uncle in a dead end job when he sends me to them, the Puck brothers. So beautiful they appear inhuman.

Because they're not human.

After what I thought was a one time, steamy encounter, they land on my doorstep like the fae of old, telling me they’re calling in my Uncle’s debts.

Their price? Me.

The deal? For one year, I’m to be taken to these fae men's lair, and if I walk out with my heart as my own, I’m free to go and the debt is paid.

The question is, will I still want to?

I just have to hold out against these fae’s desires, but God hasn’t created a woman that can resist the Pucks.

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