We escaped the Institute, but sometimes you bring the cage with you.

I feel like I'm a shell of what I was, part of me crying out for the man I left behind, but the other is determined to live no matter what. For my child.

But living means dealing with the consequences of our escape. I thought it was going to be me and Jai against the rest of the world, but now there's Zane and all the other men I freed. They stood back in respect to our bond, but with Jai caged by his own pack, they're closing in.

But why have his own people decided to hold him in a cell rather than let him come to me? Why do they seem to think they can break our mate bond? And how can we get him free?

It's going to take all five of us to get my mate back and more besides and in doing so, I'm going to learn more about myself, Nan and my home than I ever wanted.

That's OK. They either free my mate, or I'm prepared to nail those old men to the wall.

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