As a plus sized woman and all round awkward noodle, I’d faced some challenges in my search for love, but none more than this.
I’ve stumbled through a portal to another dimension and fell into the arms of them: Vargan, Kren and Ghain. Three massive orc warriors who keep going on about courting me.
See, in their world, women are few and far between and are seen to be gifts from their goddesses and they are pretty intent on unwrapping me. But not just for a roll in the hay. They are looking for a love that will last a lifetime and the problem? So am I.
I’m torn between two worlds, one where my family, my friends, my life is and the other…?
I’m starting to think that’s where my heart is.

This book will be a stand alone with a guaranteed HEA, with the potential for other stories of women finding love with other monstrous suitors.

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