One night of fun with a gorgeous guy, that’s all I thought this was, but when Ben walked out my door, he left behind more than just a heart that ached a little.

There’s no way I should’ve been able to get pregnant, yet here I am.

For nine long years, I’ve been fighting to bring my daughter up right, trying to cater for all her unique needs, even as I go to bed every night knowing I’m failing her. So, when I’m offered help by Riley Taylor from the world famous Crowe Corp, I jump at the chance.

But that’s when I run into him.

He shouldn’t look that good, not after all this time and his brothers shouldn’t be clustering closer, trying to catch my scent. He definitely shouldn’t be looking at my daughter with awe and wonder, knowing exactly where her blonde hair comes from.

Ben and his pack want to be part of her life, but more than that, they want their mate and they think I might be her.

If you loved A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and wanted more of Riley and the gang’s story, join Lily as she struggles to balance motherhood, bringing up a very strong willed daughter, being a beta in an alpha’s world and being forced to consider another chance at love.

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