Freed from her neurological condition and the suffocating attention of her parents, Kira is a whole new woman, literally. And now she’s on tour with her favourite band, travelling across foreign countries and recording what she sees with the gorgeous Marlow by her side. So, it all should be smooth sailing, right?

Instead she’s thrust into a complex political world where everything is about power and a misstep could be your last. Kira’s no closer to discovering what the mysterious Aen is, or why he’s so interested in her. The tawny Johnno brings with him his own baggage: his band, with every single one of them focussed on one thing: her. She’s gone from fragile human to resilient, somehow powerful fae, but why does everyone want a bite?

So, who does she let close?

Join Kira as she navigates this brand new world and in the process of discovering the fae world and how it works, discovers a whole lot more than she bargained for about herself.

This is book two in a brand new steamy reverse harem series from the author of the Pack Heat series. If you love hot, why choose romance with sexy fae men and a bit of MM, you’ll love Riding for a Fall.

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