Flick lived in a war zone. It might have looked like a normal household, but her husband waged war on her most days within those four walls. Then he laid those vicious hands on their son.

Fleeing home, she gets in the car and drives and drives, eventually coming to Sanctuary. The people are more supportive and helpful, the men are plentiful, gorgeous and attentive and that attention only intensifies the closer they get to the full moon.

Which only makes her wonder why.

The place is dizzying to someone like her. Offers of a home, board, safety and so much more are as kind as they are alienating. She’s a veteran of domestic abuse and she can’t help but wait for the axe to fall, struggling to discover Sanctuary’s secrets before the moon completes its cycles.

But what she discovers is so much more than she’d bargained for. Flick’s world is about to be upended, but she’s determined to come through this stronger for her son. But the Great Wolf may have much more than that planned. It’s time for Flick to move beyond being a survivor and become what she was always meant to be.

Survivor is the fourth book in this super steamy, fast burn, reverse harem series. If you love why choose romance with shifters and MM, you'll love this next moving instalment to the Pack Heat series.

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