A Rejected Mates Paranormal Romance

I’m guessing you’re here for tales of woe and heartbreak and then some much earned redemption. I’m just not sure I can help you out with this. Because this story? This story starts with me being scammed by a Taylor Lautner wannabe, a secret werewolf who I thought was my mate. And to top that, he rejected me on our one year anniversary. I expected to drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream, but he, he's threatening to kill me if I don't give him what he wants.

So I get out of town, retreat to the massive house willed to me by my great aunt on the mysterious Wolf Island. I remember it being a sweet, summer haven when I was a kid, but now? Now it's filled with the men my dad said will fight to the death to protect me, but I can't but help wondering why?

I'm supposed to be lying low, healing my heart, staying safe until Dad and his biker friends can resolve the ex situation, but me? I'm not content with that. My mate thought he could reject me? Well, I'm going to tear him apart and the men who deserve a place by my side are gonna help me.

Author note: adult paranormal romance. This is a rejected mate story but the FMC does NOT get back with her initial mate. Features wolf shifters.

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